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Five Spring/Summer '21 Favourites

A new season is upon us, but you could be forgiven for feeling like a style hermit, emerging from your lockdown rock with absolutely no idea on what is trending in the world of fashion. After months of complex style choices such as "which t-shirt matches today's joggers" or, "which hoodie is the cleanest for me to throw on" I was nervous about the prospect of emerging from lockdown with absolutely no sense of fashion!

Like everything else, the pandemic has had a massive impact on how we buy and wear clothes. I think many people will emerge from lockdown with a totally different sense of style, and that many of us will be more open to trying out the whackier fashion trends. Anyway, I realised that without the usual indicators of fashion to guide me, I'd have to do a bit of research myself... here are some of my favourite trends of the season:

Note: All of the clothing brands recommended below are committed to sustainable clothing production and have taken a stance against fast fashion practices.

1. Cottage-Core

Selkie Collection are famous for their iconic puff dresses

This internet fashion aesthetic, revolves around romanticising an agricultural life in harmony with nature, and coincided with the slower pace of life that lockdown brought us all. The style is all about floaty, layered maxi dresses in pastel shades or floral prints, peasant dresses, milkmaid necklines and prairie style shirts. Simplicity is key, and the trend has been praised for complimenting the 'slow fashion' movement, by embracing many 70s trend pieces that are already available.

HIGH END: @selkiecollection

MID RANGE: @houseofsunny

BUDGET: @vinted @depop @ebay

2. Corsets

oatmilkvintage at Etsy

A chance to blow away the loungewear sized cobwebs of 2020, the theme of underwear-as-outerwear has

stuck around for a few seasons now and is certainly not going anywhere. You could say that corsets never really go out of fashion; certainly they can be found at most stores but there are increasingly imaginative ways of styling them, not for the faint hearted. Ranging from classic corsets, to tops and knitwear with built in corset silhouette; they are a breathe of fresh air from the casual loose fits that characterised 2020.

HIGH END: Net Sustain at @netaporter


BUDGET: @vinted @depop @ebay

3. Monochrome

It is notable that Michelle Obama, Jill Biden and Kamala Harris all opted for block outfits at Inauguration Day 2021. On the runway, designers showed a preference for monochrome outfits; clearly the minimalism of 2020 lives on, and versatility is key this year. An added bonus is the durability of monochrome, it truly is timeless and is another contributor to the "slow fashion" movement. It's also the perfect trend for people who want to dip their toes into this year's hottest trends, as you literally just need to pick an outfit with one colour theme, it doesn't have to be particularly fancy because the colours do all the work.

HIGH END: @sandro

MID RANGE: @lucyandyak

BUDGET: @vinted @depop @ebay

4. Wide Legged Trousers

The days of battling into a pair of slim fit Joni jeans are well and truly behind us (thank god) Wide legged blazer suits and palazzo pants were all over SS21 runways; the latest in a series of 70s comebacks and for this style, bigger truly is better. The beauty of palazzos is how effortlessly glamorous they are, long may they reign!

HIGH END: @victoriabeckham

MID RANGE: @hush

BUDGET: @vinted @depop @ebay

5. "Midriff Flossing" and the 'Cut Out' Trend

Cut out garments are all about revealing yet concealing outfits, they are playful, sporty and fun and exactly what this season needs! New to the season however is "midriff flossing" i.e. any skirt/dress with elaborate spaghetti ties around the waist, highlighting the stomach area. 2021 is all about playing with silhouettes and fashion styles that you wouldn't usually consider, so dream big!

HIGH END: @christopheresber

MID RANGE: @simonett

BUDGET: @vinted @depop @ebay

- Ellie

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