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Silk Pillow Cases: Why They Will Change Your Life

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

I was kindly gifted a silk pillow case from SilkCase recently and I thought I'd do a review for anybody who is interested in converting to silk bedding. SilkCase are a new small biz based in London who truly care about the environment, so I was pretty excited to review this product! For every pillow case purchased from SilkCase, a tree is planted; helping slow down the effects of global warming and supporting local communities. - pretty cool right?

First Impressions

First off, I don't think its OTT to say that its like sleeping on a cloud! I was using the same pillow as before but using a silk rather than a cotton pillowcase was 100 times comfier!

Many people are unaware of how our pillow cases affect our hair and skin but it makes perfect sense.

After all, on average, we spend around 60 hours a week asleep on these things, in which time, bacteria, sweat and dirt can accumulate and wreak havoc on your hair and skin. I hadn't even considered how unhygienic the use of cotton could be, and I've been sleeping on it for the past 21 years!

So, what exactly are the benefits of making the change to silk bedding?

  • Reduces bed head - within days, I began to notice how my usually frizzy hair was somewhat tame, it even looked healthier, i was so impressed! The lack of friction caused by silk means that your hair is smoother and less knotted when you wake up.

  • Improves hair health - the smoothing properties of silk have been found to improve hair quality, reduce split ends and reduce hair thinning. As I said, my hair looks a lot healthier after only two weeks! Plus, silk helps your blow dry last longer!

  • Keeps your skincare on your face! - silk is far less absorbent than many other materials, which allows your hair and skin to retain their expensive products whilst you sleep.

  • Anti-ageing - no, really! As we age, we produce less collagen so our skin loses elasticity. Pillow creases that appear from the pressure between our face and pillow case can gradually become permanent over time. With a silk pillow, there is no friction or pressure on our very delicate skin, silk is kinder to skin!

  • Fewer hair washes- it's thought that silk helps control sebum production. Unlike other materials, silk won't absorb your natural hair oils, so the scalp doesn't overproduce oil and your hair stays fresher between washes.

  • Improved sleep- I've noticed my sleeping pattern has been more settled and I have barely moved in my sleep, clearly my head prefers the silk too!

Ready to upgrade your sleeping style? Shop the range via Instagram at or visit

- Ellie x

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