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ModiBodi Period Pants: They’re Bloody Good

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

I’ve been working to increase the sustainability of my lifestyle for a good old while now; but bizarrely, I had never considered just how damaging my single-use sanitary products were to the environment. It was only when I was presented with some worrying facts via an Instagram story that I decided to take action.

Did you know, for example, that it takes over 800 years for a sanitary towel to fully decompose? Tampons take a considerably shorter time of six months, but the plastic applicators that are found on many popular tampon brands take 500 years to decompose!

At the end of the day, every woman has different preferences as to the products they use during their period and its nobody’s job to police that. I am conscious that women’s periods have been the subject of derision since time immemorial.

Policing periods now based on their sustainability is both futile and discriminatory. It is no secret that using sustainable period products is a privilege due to their expense, and that some women have little choice over what products they use. My advice to you is to buy more sustainable products, if and when you can.

If you are looking to have a more sustainable period without using products as fussy as the menstrual cup, then I would heartily recommend ModiBodi period pants.

One of my favourite bloggers, the brilliant Chloe Plumstead, had recently invested in a pair of ModiBodi period pants and her review raved about their comfort and absorbency. Modibodi is an Australian company that creates products designed for people dealing with periods, incontinence, sweat and pregnancy. Absorbency rates range from Moisture Wicking (for hot days and sweaty workouts) to Maxi-24hr (a style you can wear ALL day without leaks). The brand is inclusive, celebrates the diversity of bodies and cares about the planet; what’s not to love?

For the first time in my life, I was excited to start my period and try out these wonder pants that women were raving about, and I was not disappointed. As a new customer, I was treated to 15% off with free shipping, so all in all I paid £18.70, which I thought was rather reasonable.

What’s the sizing like?

A lot of first assumptions are that the ‘pants’ resemble a pair of unsightly granny knickers, but this isn’t true! You can choose from a range of patterns, colours and underwear styles. I opted for my usual size 8 and they were true-to-size with no bagginess. (There is a handy chart on the website if you are in any doubt of sizing.) I went for the classic bikini pants in black which fit like any other bikini style underwear.

Did they leak?

I opted for heavy to overnight absorbency, as I knew I would be wearing them mostly overnight. I can confidently wear them for 12 hours without my bedsheets knowing about it. Truly, they have transformed my experience of periods. The hassle and rigamarole of sanitary towels is no more and I barely notice I am wearing a ‘sanitary’ product at all.

How do you wash them?

I rinse them in the sink with cold water until the water runs clear then pop them in the washing machine on a cold, handwash with a little detergent. Be careful not to use laundry conditioner as this affects the absorbency of the pants. Once they’re clean, I pop them on a clothes horse and leave them to dry for four hours until they are ready to wear again. (The pants come with full instructions on this)

The price can seem quite expensive, given that your average pack of sanitary towels cost around £2. However, depending on how they are cared for, the pants last for around 2 years and are obviously a thousand times better for the environment. Gone are the days of rushing out at 10pm to your local convenience store to pick up sanitary products after your period arrives unexpectedly. Gone is that uncomfortable, nappy-like feeling of high absorbency sanitary towels. In my humble opinion, ModiBodi pants are a liberation like no other!

You can find their website here and their Instagram here :)

Hope you enjoyed the review

- Ellie

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