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Killer Style: How to Dress Like Villanelle

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

Since Killing Eve first aired on screen, viewers have marvelled at Villanelle's ability to look good in literally ANYTHING. Her effortless style is the envy of us mere mortals, and whilst the majority of Villanelle's outfits originate from high end boutique stores or designer brands, this does not mean you cannot replicate her style from high street stores. Don't have time to search online or in store? Well you don't have to! I have narrowed down some of Villanelle's most iconic looks from the show and found similar products at a more reasonable price - you can thank me later! Let's a goooo....

The Fairy Dress

The tulle pink dress worn by Villanelle in Season 1 is nothing short of iconic and has been replicated by high street shops everywhere. It is unique, playful ... put simply it is Villanelle as a dress! I have found a replica at Monki for £35 but the dress gets quite pricy at other stores. Pair it with biker boots and wear over a black slip dress for a chic yet playful look.

The Tuscany Dress

When watching this scene, I could not decide if I had the biggest heart-eyes for the Tuscan landscape or the gorgeous blue dress Villanelle was wearing. It is timeless yet so sophisticated, and you can find a dress similar at And Other Stories for £89 (pricey but GORGEOUS)

The "Vampire's Wife" Dress

There is a handmade version, made in the UK, currently available on eBay for £75.99!

The Polka Blouse

Ever so chic, and can be found at Topshop for only £15 in an oversized fit with frill detail. It can literally be worn with anything and at that price it's a no brainer!

The Blouse/Biker Boot Look

A match can be found at COS, for £29.50. To complete Villanelle's look, pair with Doc Marten Jaden Smooth Leather Platform Boots, £179 and style with your favourite denim shorts.

The Shirt and Statement Earring combo

ASOS currently stock a baby pink shirt in the same style, with a lovely tie detail. What's more, it's a bargain for only £12.60. ASOS also sell gold statement earrings with a pink resin drop for £7.80, which coincidently, is a perfect match for the shirt!

The Grey "bus fight" Blazer

This blazer has serious style cred, probably why Villanelle chose it for her much anticipated reunion with Eve in Season 3. Anyway, Mango have a super similar grey blazer (currently in and out of stock) that is also part of their Committed range meaning it is kinder on the environment. It's definitely an investment piece at £89.99, but a staple item; made to last.

The Silk Pyjamas

It comes as no surprise that even Villanelle's bedtime attire is EXCEPTIONAL. ASOS sell pyjamas with a funky leopard botanical print that, whilst not real silk, feel just as luxurious for only £34.

The Homecoming Trousers

I saw this pair of checked trousers in Urban Outfitters last week and immediately thought of Villanelle's "homecoming" outfit. There is also a matching blazer (as shown below) which gives me major Villanelle power suit vibes. This particular pair of trousers are £49 so on the pricey side, but many less expensive retailers are also stocking checked trousers this season so you have plenty of choice if you are after some. Monki also sell a knitted top in the same shade as Villanelle's for only £20.

The Oxford Outfit

For this look, pair a jumper like La Redoute's chunky knit with a white cotton shirt such as this poplin oversized shirt from Weekday. The knitted jumper can be worn over a white shirt or tied over the shoulders for a more relaxed fit. This recycled jumper is good for the environment and oh so chic. If you are feeling adventurous, a patterned tie is a nice preppy edition to this look (on a sidenote, I have NEVER seen anyone pull off chino's until I saw Villanelle wearing them! I suspect she is the only person who can!) Pair with leather pants or slim fit jeans... chinos are optional!

That Wedding Outfit

Villanelle flaunted the sexiest wedding outfit of all time in Season 3 and you can't convince me otherwise. The mesh top and accessory are extra pricey, however ASOS are selling a black organza sleeved blazer for only £25.20 which encapsulates Villanelle's wedding style, and can be paired with just about anything.

The Jazzy Power Suit

Definitely not for the faint hearted, this is a statement outfit if ever I saw one. Monki are selling a corduroy patterned blazer and trouser combo that is funky, but wearable. Even better, it's part of their Monki Cares initiative which supports the production of responsibly grown cotton. The type of material makes these items a little pricier, at £50 and £40 respectively, but they make for a durable and timeless outfit.

The Kimono Wrap Dressing Gown

Whilst more of a summer wear, a kimono wrap is definitely worth investing in and they often look a lot pricey than they actually are. This kimono at Debenhams is only £26 so you can feel extra fancy next #selfcaresunday

Killing Eve Season 4 isn't airing until 2021 which has me a little like this ...

But in the mean time, I guess I can fill the void with Villanelle style purchases!

Hope you enjoyed reading

- Ellie x

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