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What I'm Wearing - Autumn Edition

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

Summer will always be my favourite season but there is absolutely nothing like dressing for Autumn/Winter. There is so much more opportunity to experiment with textures, layers and designs and I love the fresh insight autumn brings which allows you to hit refresh on your wardrobe. My eternal dilemma is what to wear in those awkward few weeks when early mornings feel baltic and afternoons feel like an Indian summer (UK readers especially will feel the pain). I made the mistake of wearing a shearling coat last week and literally had to come home early because it was that hot! While the thought of bringing out the thick wool accessories, winter coats and cashmere from hibernation is VERY tempting it's not quite cold enough yet.

The trick to nailing autumnal style involves carrying your summer wardrobe into the new season. Not only does this mean you are getting more use from your clothes, it is an extremely sustainable approach to fashion and you can create some really unique and stylish looks by doing so

Here are 5 summer fashion items that should be staying put in your wardrobe this autumn:

1. Summer Dresses: wear with a turtleneck and boots to keep your A/W wardrobe fun and refreshing

2. Maxi Skirts: I've recently have been pairing mine with a knitted jumper and my doc martens - they are a great autumn staple and look so elegant with a long knitted jumper

3. Summer Shirts: these work perfectly with sleeveless jumpers, which are currently all the rage. A cotton shirt gives a fresh, preppy look when worn underneath a sleeveless top

4. White Jeans: yes you read that right. Wearing white keeps your look bright during early autumn when you are not ready for a drastic transition from your current wardrobe to the deep, richer colours of winter fashion

5. The Shirt-Jacket i.e Shacket: one of the top fashion trends of 2020 for a reason, the lightweight shacket is the perfect spring/summer coat and oh so stylish. But how to continue wearing it once the weather turns? As long as you haven't gone for a super tight fitted shacket, it can easily be layered with a knitted jumper and scarf and voila you have a coat for all seasons!


As a sidenote, if you do get caught out by the last rays of summer, you can tie the offending jumper around your shoulders for an effortlessly chic look - no one will ever know it wasn't intentional!

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- Ellie x


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